Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania


March 14, 2014

BCAP : More details on CTAM's initiative to put forth some industry standards related to TV Everywhere, including a potentially new name that could be used to nationally brand all the various network and operator TVE apps. The association is hoping to have some concrete plans to unveil by the Cable Show in late April, CEO John Lansing told attendees at the Broadband Cable Association of PA's annual Cable Academy. CTAM's research found only 17% of those surveyed were familiar with the TVE rights their cable subscriptions afford them. Lansing believes a lack of consistent messaging is to blame. Among those familiar with TVE offerings, 75% rated the service very highly. CTAM's goal is to move that 17% awareness number to 50% by the end of the year, Lansing said. Look for it to take a similar tact as CTAM did with VOD, launching the "Movies On Demand" branding campaign, which includes VOD listings in national publications.

Also speaking at the regional show was ACA pres/CEO Matt Polka, who detailed the independent operator association's viewpoint on a number of regulatory issues, including the legal challenge of Aereo's streaming service. "We believe they've made a good case and should win," he said, adding that ACA is likely to file an ex parte with the Supreme Court supporting Aereo. "If it's not Aereo, it will be someone else. Technological disruptive change is here." CableFAX Daily

Effective Wednesday, Atlantic Broadband upgraded services to Bradford and the surrounding areas by offering faster residential Internet speeds. Atlantic Broadband has speeds up to 75Mbps/5Mbps now available. Previously, the company offered 15Mbps/1.5 Mbps maximum Internet speed. Atlantic Broadband also has new Business Service offerings, with five times faster speeds available in order to help business customers increase overall productivity and efficiencies, and to keep operational expenses down.

The results from an independent third-party study show that Atlantic Broadband now delivers download speeds that are more than 30 times faster than other broadband providers available locally. "In an age when consumers' appetite for speed is always increasing, only Atlantic Broadband has continually invested in its network to offer customers the absolute fastest speeds available in the market," said Atlantic Broadband's chief marketing strategy officer David Isenberg. "We are committed to staying one step ahead of today's active Internet user and many steps ahead of our competition in delivering optimal speeds. Increased Internet speed is the latest step in our plan to continue to enhance network services in Bradford and the surrounding communities. We are excited by this enhancement, along with other capabilities that we will soon share with new and existing customers in these areas."

Atlantic Broadband's new "Express" and "Unleashed" Internet speeds are available to new and existing customers. New Internet customers may save even more when they choose a bundle that combines Internet, TV and Phone service. Bradford Era

Quotable: "Tom Wolf's television campaign has been startlingly effective, and he has taken a commanding lead, having reached support of 40 percent or more" - Former state Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger, withdrawing yesterday from the May 20 Democratic primary election for governor. Former state Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, who invested $10 million of his own money to run for the office, surged in the polls recently after running several campaign commercials. Philadelphia Daily News