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Atlantic Broadband’s $1.4 billion purchase of Northeast cable operator MetroCast was a "spectacular operational fit" that will deliver "About as low risk integration as you could possibly have." So said Atlantic Broadband President and Chief Revenue Officer David Isenberg, who talked to FierceCable via phone from Atlantic Broadband’s Quincy, Massachusetts, headquarters on Thursday, about 10 days after his company and its Canadian parent, Cogeco Communications, announced the acquisition of 236,000 MetroCast residential and business passings in New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Of course, Atlantic Broadband’s $200 million purchase of MetroCast's Connecticut systems two years ago gave the operator a good idea of what it was getting into. Part of Atlantic Broadband's confidence, Isenberg said, "comes from the the fact that we've done this before. But also it's because our back-office operations match up so well. We both use CSG International's billing platform, for example, and we both use Cisco’s DOCSIS platform. We have the same telephony vendor and the same VOD structure." The compatibility, Isenberg said, will allow Atlantic Broadband to transition its newly acquired MetroCast systems to its own pricing and branding within as little as two months after the deal closes.

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