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Comcast's much-anticipated venture into the wireless market won't be derailed if AT&T's bid to buy Time Warner is approved. In an interview at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, Comcast CFO Michael Cavanagh was asked if the $85.4 billion deal, which would create a media-telecom giant to rival Comcast, changed his view of the Comcast's world and its plan to get into the mobile market. Cavanagh was direct in his answer. "Not at all," he said. With more than 150 employees working on the wireless launch, he said the plans are still moving ahead toward the service's expected arrival in mid-2017. "We have an opportunity, we believe, to bring a product to our customer base," said Cavanagh, stressing that its mobile offerings will be designed for customers who already subscribe to a Comcast service. "It's got to be with customers who are otherwise buying products with us, who have an affinity with us to begin with. What could work for us doesn't necessarily translate into what other people think we ought to be trying to do."

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